Block Farming

In partnership with IDH, FMS has implemented a block farming model that involves the aggregation of male and female subsistence farmers from the surrounding community.  Each of these farmers are allocated portions of land on the farm to cultivate directly and supported with the provision of inputs and mechanization services.

The famers are trained extensively on various areas of good agricultural practices, and FMS Farms provide a ready market for the farmers output under firm contractual obligations.

Improved Livelihood: FMS supports block farmers in increasing their livelihoods and increase income above the poverty line. A price guarantee in the contract between FMS and block farmers ensures the farmer’s livelihood in periods of lower market prices.

Gender Empowerment: FMS is gender intentional and strongly supports female farmers to become block farmers. This provides women with direct access to land and finance, circumventing the lack of statutory land rights and collateral.

Climate Resilience: To offset the increasing prevalence to negative climate events and its associated risks to the farmers and FMS’s business, FMS hires crop insurance to ensure a continuance of block farmers’ livelihoods in case of droughts and floods. The use of high-quality drought-resistant stems has reduced the impact of droughts on farmers’ yields 



Borehole for Aba Ilorin Community

At the inception of the project, FMS Farms had to construct a 2.4km rural access road to the farm. The road passes directly through a settlement community known as Aba Ilorin.

 The inhabitants of Aba Ilorin settlement walk several kilometers to access drinkable water as there are no sources of clean water close to their settlement.

As our first CSR activity for this project, FMS Farms decided to construct a borehole equipped with water storage and solar power system for this community. This has greatly impacted this community positively.

Water for Aba Felix Settlement

FMS Farms provided water for the inhabitants of Aba Felix settlement by extending water on the farm directly to their abode. The inhabitants had hitherto been walking several kilometers to access clean water.


Vegetable Farming

Our Impact

Testimonies from Farmers

"I have been a farmer for over 15 years. FMS Farms has been extremely helpful with funding for crop pesticides and farming tools. They also use their equipment to construct ridges for us to plant more easily"
Blessing Joseph
"I am a farmer with 10 years of experience. I am proud to be a beneficiary of the FMS outgrower scheme. FMS Farms trains us in various aspects of farming, including good agricultural practices, and they also give us the agricultural input needed on our respective plots. The support provided by the company has been crucial in propelling my success in farming."
Obadiah Timbay
"I have been a farmer for 25 years. I plant cassava, maize, groundnut and a few other crops. Previously, I was unable to pay my helpers and buy chemicals because of a lack of money. FMS Farms has changed that for me"
Samson Tsav