Our Divisions

Cassava Farming & Cultivation​

The cassava farm is managing the direct cultivation over 3,000 hectares of farmland, and also supporting community farmers to increase production yield and output. FMS is implementing an outgrower strategy that incorporates over 2,000 smallholder farmers directly into the primary production of Cassava and provides training, capacity building, farming inputs, and management support to farmers.

Cassava Processing

Starch Plant


Our cassava processing operations serves as an onsite off taker for the cassava farm, and delivers industrial grade cassava starch into the local and international market. The initial phase will produce 15,000mt of starch annually from a 2.5mt per hour processing plant whilst utilizing 75,000mt of fresh cassava tubers.


The Cassava Starch Processing Plant is a state of art facility that leverages leading European technology and operated in partnership with the International Starch Institute (ISI). This is an environmentally friendly installation with an opportunity to utilize the effluent waste water as a biogas power source, and also for the irrigation of the surrounding farmlands

Vegetable Farming

FMS Vegetable Farm aims to be the foremost supplier of premium grade vegetable produce in Nigeria, leveraging innovation, technology and agricultural best practices to deliver value.

The farm is employing a combination of greenhouses and open field farming to achieve a consistent output and includes over 1,000 women and smallholder farmers in crop cultivation to deliver sustainable and measurable impact to the local communities.


The company has made extensive investments in infrastructure and logistics to support the current operations on its farm site and enhance distribution capabilities.

Animal Husbandry & Poultry

The Animal Husbandry division is seeking to be a producer and supplier of meat and meat produce, through the development of an integrated poultry and cattle ranch.

The Animal farms form a key part of the overall waste management initiative across the farm, with the animal waste being channeled into the farm for organic soil enrichment, whilst the waste from the cassava contributes to the feeding and nourishment of our cattle.

Logistics And Mechanisation ​

This is a critical element in maximizing farm production yields and reducing post-harvest losses. To assure a consistent quality of service delivery and realize operational and cost synergies, this unit is a strategic part of the FMS Farms providing all the required logistics and mechanization services across the core FMS Farm, the cassava and vegetable outgrower schemes, and the smallholder community farmers.