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We currently focus on three (3) different subsidiaries in our Production Division and they are; Cassava Farming, Vegetable Farming and Animal Farming.

We adopt a block farming model in engaging small holder farmers to grow a range of crops. These crops include;

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Cassava Farming

The FMS Farm Cassava project seeks to harmonize opportunities in the cassava value chain by establishing an integrated farming and processing business that will produce industrial grade cassava starch and derivatives, for supply into manufacturers across multiple sectors and exports.

The investment comprises of a 60 ton per day cassava starch processing plant which requires an input of about 75,000 metric tons of cassava roots annually. To service this plant, FMS Farms is managing the cultivation of 3,000 hectares cassava farm to produce the root requirement for the factory. The plan for the 3,000 hectares farms is through the block farming model, engaging small holder farmers in an inclusive arrangement for cassava production and supply.

The cassava farm development is on a phased approach, building up production over a 3-year period to meet the requirements of the starch factory by the end of the 2021 planting season. An initial 50ha has been cultivated and this is being scaled up to 400ha in 2019, increased to 800ha in 2020, and 1200ha in 2021.

Vegetable Farming

The FMS Vegetable Farm seeks to take advantage of the inherent gaps in the vegetable farming sub-sector of the agricultural industry of Nigeria, with the main objective to be a leading supplier of premium grade vegetable produce in the market, leveraging innovation, technology and agricultural best practices to deliver value.

FMS has expanded its vegetable production business capacity with the installation of 9,200sqm of greenhouse facilities, a dedicated 20ha land for open field cultivation and enhanced distribution capabilities, all of which has favourably positioned the company in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, habanero peppers, and leafy vegetables) in Nigeria. At peak, the infrastructure on the vegetable farm will consist of 57,600sqm of greenhouse facilities, 100ha open field land for cultivation, and operate a world class vegetable production, processing, packaging, and storage facility that is fully integrated with a distribution network that assures market reach.

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Animal Farming

The animal farming division commenced in 2014 and sits on over 8,000 square meters of land in Ibadan, Oyo State. It has total capacity of about 16,000 layer birds. A distribution network for the sale of all eggs produced is spread across 4 States of the Country (Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and Lagos).

We envisage future strategic partnership with other organizations with capability to build, operate and manage an enterprise with over 300,000 birds producing at least 10,000 crates daily.







Cassava Processing Factory

FMS Farms is the chief promoter of the Cassava Processing Factory, to produce international and industrial grade starch for both the local and international markets.

This project aims at offering high quality first grade cassava starch with a strong commercial orientation and Corporate Social Responsibility component. It aims to engage the host community to drive socio-economic development around the farm location and its ring of operations.

The Cassava Processing Factory will have a production capacity of 15,000 MT of cassava starch annually and will utilize 67,500 MT of cassava tubers as feedstock.


Logistics and Mechanisation

This unit is a strategic part of our Farmers Out-Growers Scheme in that it provides our Farmer Partners Mechanization and Logistics services when necessary and aids the overall objective of the business.