Our Projects

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OUR projects

Our Projects

FMS Farms operations will comprise of three independent projects as shown below:

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The Cassava Farm Project

FMS Farms Cassava Project seeks to harmonize opportunities in the cassava value chain by establishing an integrated farming and processing business that will produce industrial grade cassava starch and derivatives, for supply into manufacturers across multiple sectors and exports. This project comprises of:
A 2.5 ton per hour cassava starch processing plant which requires an input of about 75,000 metric tons of cassava roots annually.
The management and cultivation of a 3,000hectare cassava farm to produce the root requirement for the factory, primarily through an outgrower strategy that incorporates farmers from the community into dedicated areas on FMS premises. This will run under a block farming model being implemented with the technical and financial support of IDH – a sustainable trade initiative

The Vegetable Farm Project

FMS Vegetable Farm seeks to take advantage of the inherent gaps in the vegetable farming sub-sector of the agricultural industry of the country. The main objective is to be the foremost supplier of premium grade vegetable produce in the market, leveraging innovation, technology and agricultural best practices to deliver value . The investment in the vegetable farm will consist of 57,600sqm of greenhouse facilities, 100hectares open cultivation space, and a world class vegetable processing, packaging, and storage facility. This will be an expansion of current operations (10,000sqm of greenhouses) that also incorporates an inclusive community engagement plan specifically targeted at women and smallholder farmers.

The Animal Farm Project

FMS Animal Farms is to initially expand its pilot poultry (16,000 birds) to broader integrated operation of the animal farms division to cover the rearing and maintenance of various animals (cattle, sheep, goats, chickens etc) for breeding and production of meat and meat products.





FMS Cassava Project objectives

FMS Farms aims to process raw cassava tubers into starch and sell it to large domestic and international buyers. They seek to produce 15,000 MT of starch annually within the next 3-4 years, requiring a raw material supply of about 75,000 MT tubers.
The current strategy is to source the tubers both from block farmers, who farm on land leased from FMS, and community farmers who have their own land. FMS has about 3,500Ha of land available to lease to block farmers, manage their own nucleus farm for stem multiplication, construct their processing factory. FMS has partnered with IDH – a sustainable trade initiative to implement the block farming operations
FMS seeks access to affordable finance to support its investment in a processing plant and optimize its working capital needs, in order to run an efficient, inclusive and sustainable cassava processing business
Establishing an efficient cassava sourcing model is a pre-requisite to maximise investments in a processing plant as experience shows that many of the plants in Nigeria are operating below their maximum capacity due to lack of raw materials supply. Limited availability of affordable capital forces FMS to strategically prioritize its capital investments and only gradually grow the number of farmers and sourcing volumes.